after a coral starts to STN, can it recover??


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A colony RTN'ed this weekend from what seemed out of the blue. I checked (what I thought was) everything and everything was at the correct level. It dawned on me that I never checked the salinity (duh!!) It was high (1.031) so I brought the level, slowly, back to norm. I got home and noticed 2-3 colonies slowly receeding at the base.

Is this possibily a result of the high salinity?? Is there a chance of recovery? If so, will they regrow the tissue they have lost?? Thanks...


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Anytime I've had a coral STN on me, I immediately frag the coral making sure that the entire frag has healthy tissue on it.................I'd say 70-80% of the time, it has worked for me......

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I always buy corals that are on their way out, much of them affcted by STN, sometimes even RTN. If put back into a good environment, the necrosis often stops. For STN I would give ita day or two of monitoring. If it doesnt slow down or stop then you need to start fragging, carefully breaking pieces off above the affected area.

A rapid cahnge in salinity to that level may be the reason. If all everything else is good then there is a high prob in recovery. keep in mind it may alsp be the flow rotes in those areas if you recently changed the flow pattern that could also cause it.. Regrowing lost tissue after necrosis would be a long haul process, and from my experiences doesnt often occur, you just get new growth.


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yes there is a chance for recovering, just bring the parameters to a good level and make sure its stable and it will grow right over the dead skeleton