Algae scrubber question


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Im making a couple diy scrubbers using ideas from the diy section of this forum. I plan on running the lights at night opposite the display lights. Question is, when the lights are off on the scrubber do I still want water flowing over the screen or do I stop the flow of water when lights are out? My guess is to keep the water flowing 24/7 but want to be sure. TIA for any advice.


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I agree with Vinny. You may want to run it with the light on 24/7 to get it started. Cut the lights back once you see algae growth, otherwise it could change things too quickly. You can cut or increase the light cycle to keep nutrients in an acceptable range.

Michael Hoaster

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You are correct kaz1961. Keep the water flowing and run the lights contra to the display lighting. Also I agree with laverda that you can adjust the daylight period to correlate with nutrient levels. It's OK to overlap a little with the display lighting schedule. The reason for running scrubbers/refugiums lighting opposite to the display is to help stabilize pH and oxygen levels.

I see that you posted about 11 months ago. How is it going now?