am I destined to watch this clam die after this?? pic


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Since I didn't get any answers for what is happening except the possibility of that virus(or whatever) everyone is worried about I will ask again here.

I know it isn't normal as I have never seen it before .

this morning all looked great. Fully opened. late this afternoon I noticed my black max wasn't open fully.. then I noticed my purple was whithered with what I can only describe as a "hard on"... please don't tell me the derasa I bought and died recently passed something onto my prized max's...


tank params.

temp 79-82
salinity 1.026
ph 8.3
alk 12 dKh
ammonia 0
nitrites 0
ammonia undetectable.

only strange thing happening was my caulerpa went poof in my tank on sunday last weekend. not enough to cloud the tank fully but enough that I did a 15 gallon waterchange and ran carbon for four days.

All my indicator corals for problems in the tank look great. Gorg is fully open, brain is as well. Fungia looks normal after eating.

Polyps out on every SPS I have. Tank looks great.. except the clams. :(

any suggestions are appreciated..

majorly stressed here.

here are two more shots of whatever is going on. it is due to the other problems with clams recently I am worried. I recently added a derasa that died within two days in my tnak. It was held in a tank full of ponpheni squamosas that pretty much all are now dead.. hence my concern..


Hi Darren,

Have not had these sick clams in my tank so you might read some of the other thread that ReefDream and other have started here.

Would appear that the clam is expelling some mucus witch IMO is certainly not a good sign. I have heard that some people have been using doxycycline with some success.

Thanks Barry.

Thing is there isn't any mucus. What was coming out was a solid appendage. that is the only way I can describe it. It pushed it out like I stick my tongue out, then it would retract it. :confused:
It's a BOY! DJ88 the color of that awesome maxima is GREAT! Is it lossing any color or mantle extention? This item coming out of your clam looks like the foot. This has happened to some (rare) of my clams. The clam maybe unhappy with it's location and is looking for a new home. A maxima (normally) is on rocks and the foot comes out the bottom. On rare occasions it will come out the intake (mouth). Try putting him on a rock!
Thanks Jim,

I have put BOTH of my max's on various rocks throught my tank. They jump. I even put a flat rock under them on the sand. They jump.. So I leave them go where they want to go now.

This max is looking fine today for mantle extension. It's my Black max that isn't looking good. it had it's mantle out fully for an hour today.. now it is all pulled back into it's shell. :(
Now that I look at it closer both are pulled in.

thanks again. :)
Well my purple max started receeding and spewing white stuff about two days ago. It's gone now.

Black max looks ok. For now. Don't expect to have it much longer.