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Need some help guys…

I have a glass sump and I am trying to anchor a float switch for my ATO. What I tried to do was to put Velcro on both the glass and the back of the float switch bracket so that I could easily adjust the height. I tried to use superglue but it will not hold the Velcro to the glass. Anyone have a solution?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Get some 1/4" acrylic, a propane torch & diy yourself a bracket.............

Go to Home Depot and buy the cheapest piece of acrylic like steeve said. Its pretty easy to mold into shape with a torch or even hold the piece over the stove and bend it.


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Thanks for the ideas, I’m going to try the acrylic bracket.

Jose: it did come with suction cups but I am weary of them failing down the road. (I still owe you a pic of the PL I got from you.)