anemone feeding


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What does everyone feed their anemone and how often? I have clowns but they don't host in it, so I believe I should feed him. Its a green bubble tipped.

And if you were to feed a frogspawn and the like what would you feed them?


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I was feeding mine dried krill but I switched to silver sides, I feed 3X a week and it's doing much better since I switched to the silver sides. I never feed my frog and it does just fine, it split 4 times already and has 3 new stems growing.


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I feed my LTA chunks of clam and my clowns do host so it gets some mysis.

I do feed my frogspawn. I target feed mysis and cyclopeze at least once a week and it get's what the fish don't when I feed them!


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I feed mine with 1cm. cubes os Stripe Bass. I drop it in the tank, my Maroon Clown picks it up carries it over and drops it in.


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I used to feed my RBTA chunks of scallop or shrimp. Now I have a pair of clowns hosting and I do not target feed at all. It looks 100 times better then it did when I fed it. ???