anther live rock question


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Hey everyone need some help
i have a 20 gal tank, and it was near end of cycling almost no nitrites no ammonia and 20 nitrate. i just got 5lbs of cured live rock delivered to me today bc everyone here said i should just get some. some people told me to recure it when i get it, even tho i got it cured and some told me just to put it in my tank. well i but it in a bucket of good saltwater at the right temp and have some power heads giong.
So now what... do i just brush it and put it in the tank? or should i wait a couple of days to stick it in there?
I agree and I would remove anything that looked dead just to speed things along. You have it in a bucket already so just rinse it off well and then wait a bit while testing for any build-up of ammonia or nitrates. If there is no change after a week or so you are good to go.

Do you only have 5lb total for your tank? The rule of thumb is 1 to 1.5lb per gallon if you intend to use it as your main biological filtration.
its not my main filtration i have a external filter also. everyone here just told me i should get atleast some, so this it it for right now
If I were you I would also buy some more minimum 10 pounds and put it in now rather than later. If you can't afford it at least buy some base rock so it can start to seed.