Anthias Group Recommendation


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I'm looking for a small group of Anthias, preferably a group that will not end up killing each other.

I have a big tank, but I would still prefer small to medium sized Anthias.

They are all very pretty to me, so I mostly just would like to pick ones that will be peaceful in a small group and not huge.

Thank you!


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Resplendent/Tierra Anthias stay about 3" and I think they are some of the nicest, the pics on LiveAquaria don't do they much justice tho.

Good Luck, I might get a 125, still not decided on whether to go FOWLR Aggressive or Reef w/Anthias.


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For a 220g, I would think Barletts, Ignitus and Dispars would be fine. Maybe add a couple Lyretails.


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Are either those or Bartlett's more hardy or better for captivity?

IMO... Barlett's are the hardiest of all anthias and are pigs. I've had finicky eating Lyretails before, some wouldn't take pellets readily.