any ideas on ID?


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Hi all, posting here cause this almost looks like a bunch/collection of coralline algae the more i look at it. It is 1" x 1.5 " across and maroon in color, very smooth, bubble like. i don't see any polyps (could be dead i suppose) or may be a sponge please help, can't seem to find in any of my references.


thanks for any help:)

What is that green macro algae that is in the picture? I have it growing on my some of my liverocks and have been trying to get rid of it (it grows like crazy!).


green stuff=grape caluerpa . . . yep it grows fast . . . many try to confine it to a fuge!

red stuff=looks like a sponge to me :smokin:
that green stuff looks like tea cup caluerpa if the tops are flat, if there round grape,the clear white stuff is probly dead I'd take that out,and the red stuff to me looks like red coraline, ? what type of LR is that stuff on that will help Identify easier. under my VHO's my tea cup grows about 1" a day.