Any opinion on converting to LED's


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I am back in the hobby, and have a 135gallon being custom built it is 36x36x24, I am looking to set up a reef system, and wondered if anyone back home from the club had any opinions on LED which are best. Dustin and I sure miss you guys.


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Some have had great success with LEDs and some have had their long-established SPS tanks go brown on them because of the narrow spectrum of light. I have had zoas and LPS and a few easy SPS thrive in my cube, so I am a big fan - especially of how much light you get with so little heat (because the LEDs do not put out radiant energy).

DIY is easy if you can handle a soldering iron. And it is relatively cheap these days. Here is a link to a write-up of my build for my 24G nano:

If you want to go this route I could help you work out some of the particulars (such as size and spacing).


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Sorry I did not specify in the beginning. I am looking at manufactured. I have reviewed Kessil, AI, and Ecotech Radion thus far and I am very torn.

Dustin and Kristy
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As for the ones you have listed, I would go with the Radion... You may want to get the new lens they came out with that increases PAR with a 24"H tank. :) The others listed have a limited spectrum... AI is coming out with their Vega soon, but I haven't heard any reviews as they are pre-order only right now.


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I have 10 AI sols over my 48" deep tank. The lights are 18" over the surface. They have good color and better penetration than some others on the market. New lenses will be available via vega and they are easy to change out. AI had a longer track record and better pricing than some of the others so I pulled the trigger last year. My tank is young with LPS doing well and I will be adding SPS soon. Compatable with Apex. Hardly any heat so top off volume on my tank is only 3 gallons daily. I do have 1hp chiller though. As an aside Premium aquatics has some good comparisons albeit limited. Good luck with your choice. I am more than pleased.


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Tagging along as I am also building a 36x36x24 rimless cube and I'm torn on whether to go the Led or T5 route. If I go the Led route, I'd be interested to know what you choose. I've been looking at the Vega, 160 Razor and now maybe the Kessil. Just don't know how many would be needed as well given the cube aspect.