Any problem putting a protein skimmer in refugium section?


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I had posted this in another section, and got no responses, so I reposted it here, hope that isn't a big no-no:

Overplanning, under practicing, I guess...

I have a 155 gallon bowfront, with the stand limiting my room underneath. I have a 55 gallon tank serving as my sump, measured out with three dividers, making room to leave room for my Reef Octopus NWB 200 skimmer. I just didn't plan ahead for my doors well enough, and now that I am cycled, and am trying to put it in place, I could get it in there, and get the top off, but any type of service would be almost impossible.

While I know I would be losing some refugium space, if I where to divide of a section with light grid or some such to prevent cheato, live rock etc... from getting into the impeller area, what other heartache would I be inviting by moving my protein skimmer from the "designed" area to the fuge area? I already have an ATO set up in the Fuge, and the water level is 8". leaving me plenty of failsafe for power outage and fitting in perfectly with the skimmer specs...

Help me see the blindingly obvious thing I am missing (that I always am!) before I do this!


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I keep mine in the first chamber, where the water enters, simply to ensure water level is always constant. That chamber overflows to middle chamber, refuge, and that goes into return pump. I would fear if it wasn't in main area water level might not be as constant.


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Even if you separate the chaeto from the skimmer with egg crate I would think your still going to get bits and strands of it getting into your skimmer pump and clogging it up (my chaeto is constantly shedding strands that get stuck in my return pump). Plus you have a higher risk of any pod populations that grow in your refugium section getting killed by the skimmer.

Just my opinion based on my limited experiences.


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I keep my skimmer in the middle (fuge) section just because it worked out better. The only issue I had was I had to plumb the outflow into the first section to keep micro bubbles from getting to the return section. I also have a tunze ato the keeps the water level constant.


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Also I should add my skimmer is the only thing in the middle section. I don't keep a refugium with cheato or anything.