any stores have good stuff right now?


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Cute JAS :D

What are you looking for? Have you checked out Fin & Feather? I picked up a nice Bonsia Acro and a Blue ORA tort there 2 weeks ago.


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I have a 90 BB setup with 4 chromis, 1 dragonet, 1 wild sebae clown, 1 royal gramma, and 1 firefish. All the fish are very small. I want some more activity in there...definitely a couple Bangaii cardinals-
after that, I am open for suggestions. Always looking for ideas
As for corals--some SPS


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You might want to check out Aquatic Wildlife Company in Manchester. They have a great selection of saltwater fish. I was in there the other day and was very impressed with their selections.


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Check out Aqua Dreams - Chris over stocked for our club's 'meeting' last month...worth the drive to Mass.

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Just went into All Pets Club in Wallingford....they basically have no corals. They haven't really had any in a month or so.


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Aquatic Wildlife Company's Current Inventory for Salt:

Fish:Tomato, Skunk, Clarkii, Yellow Stripe Maroon, No-Stripe, and Black False Clownfish; Springeri Dottybacks, Niger Triggers, Tank Raised Angelfish from ORA, Algae Blennies, Yellow and Blue Spot Watchman Gobies, Neon Gobies, Black Volitan Lions, Clown Trigger, Squirrelfish, Foxface, Lyretail Grouper, Blue Hippo Tangs, Yellow Tangs, Vlamingi Tang, Orange Shoulder Tang, Scopas Tang, Powder Blue Tangs, Atlantic Blue Tangs, Sailfin Tangs, Doctor Surgeonfish, Damsels GALORE, Red Scooter Blennies, Scooter Blennies, Hi-Fin Goby, Mandarins, Captive Bred Seahorses, Arceye Hawkfish, Longnose Hawkfish, Geometric Hawkfish, Scott's Fairy Wrasses, Yellow Wrasses, Lunare Wrasses, Green Birdfishes, Brown Birdfishes, Rosy Scales Wrasse, Engineer Gobies, Dusky Jawfish, Sixline Wrasses, Pearly Jawfishes, Clown Gobies, Green Angler, Green Chromis, Bangaii Cardinals, Pygmy Cardinals, Red Cardinals, Panther Groupers, Blue Spotted Grouper, Bluelined Grouper, Copperbanded Butterfly, Yellow Longnose Butterfly, Dogfaced Puffers, Coral Beauty Angels, Flame Angels, Xanthurus Angel, Koran Angel, Regal Angel, Japanese Swallowtail Angels, Lemon Peel Angel, Harlequin Tusk, Rainfordi Gobies, Orbic Batfishes, Heniochus Butterflies, Creole Wrasse, Hi-Hats, Queen Angel, and of course the Lookdowns are for Sale.

Inverts: Nassarius Snails, Blue Legged Hermits, Red Legged Hermits, Scarlet Reef Hermits, Emerald Crabs, Decorator Arrow Crabs, Sallylightfoot Crabs, Queen Conches, Coral Banded Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, Peppermint Shrimp, Cerith Snails, Green Serpent Starfish, Brittel Starfish, Gigas Clams, Maxima Clams, Squamosa Clams, Derasa Clams, Crocea Clams, Green Carpet Anemone, Bubble Tip Anemone, and Long Tentacle Anemone

Corals: Bubble Coral, Golden Polyp Rocks, Green Zoos, Elegance Coral, Red Goniopora, Frogspawn Corals, Star Green Polyps, Yellow Leather, Hard Green Finger Leather, Leather Frags, Zoo Frags, Blue Xenia, Green Goniopora, Red Ball Sponge, Yellow Ball Sponge, Encrusting Briarium Gorgonians, Caulastrea, Green Plates, Orange Zoos, Tubastrea Coral, Elephant Ear Mushroom, Giant Cup Mushroom, Red Pagoda Cup, Trumpet Coral, Green Moon Coral, Green Open Brains, Red Lobophyllia, Galaxea Coral, Mushroom Colony Rock, Ricordeas, Red Mushrooms, Lettuce Bubble Coral, Pink Plates, Colt Coral, and Yellow Polyps

Live Rock: Aquacultered, Fiji, and Tonga