anyone has any spairs?


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Are looking for the light itself? Its pretty new, most LFS should have it or or be able to order it. If you need parts, contact Current, they will send you whatever you need.


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Hell - If anyone just happens to have a spare 36" unit and a spare 48" unit that they want to give me I'd be more than glad to accept them :)


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Hey Gus, man you have to be smart about this. Asking a vague question like that will get you replys like what Chuck gave ya :D .

Chuck I would of probably answered him the same way. :lol:

Gus I just got off the phone with Mark from (where you purchased the light). Mark has found your invoice and is contacting Current-Usa now and looking at getting you a spare set of legs sent out to you under warranty.

All together now "That's what friends are for" ;)


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Just got a call back from Mark and Current-Usa is shipping out a new set of legs free of charge under warranty. They should be here in a few days :cool: