Anyone have a quick link to DIY Carbon or PO4 Reactor?


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It's partially that I'm too cheap to give Two Little Fishies my $40, and partially because I enjoy the DIY projects that I can do.

I also know I can do it for less then $20 if I try. I have a general plan of what I'm going to use/do but I would just like to see someones project before I get started.



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I like the look of the ones on bulkreefsupply. You could just buy the parts yourself and put it together. I haven't priced it out to see if its possible to buy the parts cheaper yourself. If you have an old RO/DI setup it would be cheaper to take the parts from it.


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I made one, ended up costing me about $30 in fittings and I still had to use a filter sock. It clogged alot, and was way big for what it was.

I dont often recommend buying something thats that easy to build but trust me just suck it up and spend the money.


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I agree buy one but if you absolutely must DIY get a plastic spaghetti container with the airtight clamp down locking system.

Drill a hole/holes through the top and add the outlet elbows. Hook up your powerhead n youre done.


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Sometimes it just makes more sense to swipe a debit card.

O-rings, tube, fittings, hoses, pumps, foam pads/bags/filter socks to trap the media...

If you are looking to run carbon, you can just throw it into a media bag and drop it in the bubble trap area of your sump.


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im also super cheap. used one of those slim di cartridges. i think total cost was $15.