anyone want a 3+" mantis


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Just fished this baby out of a rock. My first one, well that I knew of. Had to try a little fresh tap water to force him out and a pair of pliers to enlarge to rock opening. So he's in my sump now ready for a new home.

He's a fighter . . .
Anyways who wants him??? I'm in Dalton, GA

I did not take a picture, but he's brownish black with some orange on the bottom. Cool looking eyes.

I'd hate to see him die and would really prefer someone to take him off my hands. He's in my sump with a fairly high flow so I'm sure he'd like to find a better home

In the meantime, other than thumbs, what should I feed him?
you can feed it hermits,anoying hitchicker crabs and stuff youo dont like,snails of all sorts, crabs of all sorts,krill,and a variety of medium to large size frozen or preprepared meaty foods,Chris
i will take them from you

i will take them from you

I will take all of them, will pay you shipping and all
Can you say obsest (sp?) ??

I love these guys and think they are the coolest things i have seen ever!

let me know

Leo, begging for them :D
folks I appreciate the responses. I'm looking for a local outlet first versus shipping. I'll however keep up with these request if I am not able to move him. Tanks