anyone wants xenias?


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oceanparadise1 said he will come pick those up, but he never kept his word. he just basically wasted my time and effort saving it for him because he said he wants it.

so right now i need to get rid of them. i would bring it to LSH but what am i going to do with shop credit when im leaving the country? theres 8 frags of them 2 are on frag plugs and the rest on life rock rubble. selling all for 20 bucks.




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Disaster- I pmed you about some xenia a few days ago, I though I had time to pick it up but I had an exam that day and it took longer than I expected. Sorry I didn't get right back to you, I'd like to come pick one up but I'm not sure when I'll have them time. I'll send a pm to check with you if I find that I've got some extra time, if that's ok with you. Sorry for the delay.
wow i told u something came up and u tried to force these on my i even tried to help u sell them! im usually good for stuff when i say i am ASK JOSH.VINCE!!!!! i told u in advance my sunday was bad and i might not be able to make it!
o and for the record not that i need to defend my self but here is people i have done deals with NPS u can ask them!!!


sry something came up but in my defense i did let uk
ricky, sorry, blame oceanparadise1 for not following through. I was saving it for him because he said he want it.

phil- i wasnt forcing anything on you, your the one that said you totally want it. i made it perfectly clear to you i need this gone at a certain time and made it clear i was saving them for you, thanks for wasting my time. i dont need to ask other people about you, what you did with me right now said it all.
well im sorry for wasting ur time i really didnt mean to BUT u even said in one of ur emails im sorry ik i sound like im FORCING it on u, i told u my sunday was busy and everything was running late today...i pmed u and let uk, i also pmed u some ones number who was intererested....and all it said was things comeup....i mean u do relieze things come up right? i didnt have to pm u or try and help u sell them...u can think what u want of me but others know that i am a man of my word...
well im thankful you tried to give me someone elses # who MIGHT be interested but that fell through too. yes i do know that things do come up, but when you said that you "definitely want then" i would expect you to come and get it. and in the PMs, i said " not to pressure you, but im counting you on coming to pick them up" i wasnt holding you a knife point making you buy it, but just letting you know i really hope you come and buy it. you didnt bother responding, but instead you PMed me again about the live rock i was giving away. i guess anyone would make time for free stuff (actually...ive dealt with people who doesnt even bother showing up for free stuff on craigslist when they said they will..go figure...) i applaud your "man of my words"

lets just leave it at that and move on. Last call on the frags before going to LFS, ill just find something useless and get it with the store credit.

im practically giving them away here people. 20 bucks takes all!
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what time could i meet you tomorrow? we'd have to mee somewhere in the middle.. it would have to be early.
Not for notihing but I have had similar experiences with oceanparadise1... I'm sure that there are plenty of others that have worked out just fine, but things do seem to come up often with him...
yea sorry my father had a heart attack my mistake next time ill tell him to wait! o yea next time ill tell my sister to not get hit by a drunk driver the week b4 as well...but then again i was lieing right? o wait no i wasnt when u talked to josh what did he tell u? so whats the point in bringing that up? trying to make me look bad lol not working bc i have had good experience with many people on here!

That's it! We're meeting by the old willow today. Oceanparadise1 vs. Disaster999.

Frag trading and door prizes for all spectators. Vendors need special access so contact me seperately. Fight starts at 7pm prompt!

Hear that OP1, 7:00. Don't be late. :lol:
Wow guys! Lets take the bickering to the PMs and keep things enjoyable for everyone else. Im just saying....

Oceanparadise1 by the way that is a horrible avatar!

Red Sox Nation.