AP24HQI pics and ???


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pH 8.0 (in am)
nitates 0-2ppm
temp 80

what am I missing? corals not opening, hermits died.
I used cured rock and water from my 180 system.
I've done 3 20% water changes with new salt water.



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No ammonia
No nitrates
Don't have a copper test kit. How would copper get in there anyway?

I can't figure this out, I'm using cured rock and the parameters are all fine???? I'm not having a cycle.


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whoo i dont get it *** is going on with your tank. Anyhow try using a water conditioner, Use Satability so it hurrys up the cycle. The reason im say this s b/c your tank is pretty new even though you say your water condition is fine.

Also there could be several other things
- are you using distilled water?
- make full water change with distilled water if you using tap water or spring water
- dont do water changes for a while?
- Since you made so many water changes in a short time it could be that your tank isnt cycling.
- have you used copper ever in your 180G tank?
- if you did remove the rocks and sand quick time and do a full water change. Then buy new rocks and sand.