Aperture v. Photoshop


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So, if I wanted to digitally color a black and white photo or "photoshop" some parts of my image out, can Aperture do this, or do I need Photoshop or another program?


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You can do minor editing in Lightroom, which otherwise does the same things as Aperture. I use Lightroom and don't even own a copy of Photoshop.


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You can download a trial of LR. Well...you could, not sure if you still can.

As for cloning stuff out of images, you can do minor cloning in LR, but you're better off with Photoshop or a like product.


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Both programs can do that, but it's easiest to do in Lightroom.

In Photoshop, you can duplicate the layer, then use a poly lasso to select the parts to be converted to B&W, and then lower the saturation.

In LR, all you have to do is select the adjustment brush and start "painting" black and white. It also has auto mask so no layers are needed.