Apex programing help (power lose & ATO max run)


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So I upgraded from the Apex classic to the new APEX and some of my coding no longer works and need some help. Also I added a custom ATO (float switches and 24v PMUP) which works, but want to add a extra failsafe for max runtime and can't get the program to work.

First: I have a power supply connected to the APEX to a normal wall outlet, then all of my 832's to a UPS system. On my old system I would tell APEX Fusion to only run my main return in the even of a power failure. It's not working now on the new APEX and can't seen to find any new programming to make it work correctly.

Here is what used to work for power lose:

Fallback OFF
Set ON
If Sw1 OPEN Then OFF
If Output ReturnPump = OFF Then OFF
If Power Apex Off 001 Then OFF
Defer 005:00 Then ON

Saving says everything it good, but when I remove power from the APEX (wall outlet) the skimmer stays on.

Second is the ATO:

Fallback OFF
If Sw3 OPEN Then OFF
If Sw6 OPEN Then OFF
If Output ReturnPump = OFF Then OFF
Defer 000:45 Then ON

So Sw2 is the low switch, Sw3 is my backup to shut the pump off if above (failsafe) and Sw6 is the low level for my ATO container. Being these are magnetic switches I want to add a Max run time as well like 5 seconds to ensure it doesn't keep running and also only allow it to run 1 time within 45 minutes. I did not add the power lose coding yet since I can't get it to work yet.

I read about using a Virtual switch which I entered the code, but think it's missing something about when to activate this:

If Output ATO = ON Then ON
Defer 000:08 Then ON

Any help would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance