April- 8th BAR general meeting - Barry Neigut


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Saturday April 8th, 2006, 1pm

Bay Area Reefers is proud to host a presentation by: Barry Neigut of Clams Direct. Barry will be speaking on the topic of "Keeping and Caring for the Tridacnid Clams". Clams Direct is one of the largest outlet and resources of Tridacnid clams's in the USA. Barry not only owns and runs Clams Direct, but he's also dedicated to the education of the public on Tridacnid clam husbandry and he has travelled the US speaking at various confrences and reef clubs. This event will be held at Aquatic Specialties in Hayward, a state of the art, ethical, aquatic wholesaler. This meeting is open to the general public.

Clams Direct has kindly donated a gift certificate to our raffle. Be sure to pick up your raffle tickets, you don't want to miss the chance to get a clam from Barry. More raffle donations will be announced in the near future, rest assured you won't be disappointed.
Aquatic Specialties
31640 Hayman Street, Hayward, C 94544

Directions to Aquatic Specialities: Approx 2 miles from I 880

Start on WHIPPLE RD (at WHIPPLE RD &I 880 in HAYWARD) going towards INDUSTRIAL PKWY SW,RAMP - go 1.2 mi
Turn LEFT on Hayman ST - go 0.5 mi
Arrive at 31640 Hayman St on the RIGHT
We will have raffle items from:

Clams Direct
New Alameda Aquatics
Reef Nutrition
Wet Pets
Altantis Aquarium
and more.....
Saw the Atlantis raffle items... nice stuff, including Limited Edition corals! :) :)

We have dry goods and a cool clam from New Alameda :cool: :)

Tons of Reef Nutrition goodies, in the raffle as well as free samples. Yay Gresham!

and the "and more....." should actually read, "and MORE!!!" :D
Thanks everyone for the donations, sponsor liaison, and help at the raffle. Revenue report is posted in the BAR members forum at bareefers.org.
Barry, thanks for coming out and given such a great presentation. You even tought some of us old salties new things :D