Couple Fish (Tusk and Zebra Eel) For Trade/Sale


We had a water pipe burst Christmas Eve which ended up with us redoing the entire basement. So my display is still currently down, waiting on a new stand. But since I had to move it for the floors it's left me rethinking how I want to set it back up. I enjoy having some shrimp in my tank and these two fish enjoy having them too...

My stand is supposedly ready soon so thinking now is as good a time as any to see if anybody is interested.

Tusk - Had since April 16, 2019 from Tide Pool Aquatics. Picture is from Dec 2022 because he's now in a Rubbermaid while the display is down and it's harder to get good pictures of him from the top. Never seen him eat any coral/clam but will eat shrimp (although never touched my coral banded shrimp) and emerald crabs.

Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 6.14.17 PM.png

Zebra Moray Eel - Purchased from Corner Reef, I think in 2021, maybe it was 2022. Picture is from July 2022. Likes shrimp and emeralds as well. Feeds on Krill/shrimp from a feeding stick.
Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 6.14.31 PM.png

Open to trades on most things that don't eat shrimp or crabs. Reef safe fish, anemones, corals, equipment, etc. Would also be willing to sell if desired. Not sure how to price them in that case but open to offers. Located on the Illinois side but can meet in most of the St. Louis area.