aquadose leaking, help!!!


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so i just set up my kalk drip and now its leaking. take a look at the pic and let me know is i even have the right end in the unit. no directions with this damn thing, any info would be great. thanks.


pic is here


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I think you have the wrong end in there. There should be a drip chamber near the top. I have the 2.5 gallon version and it doesnt leak at all.
I get free IV tubing at work that works great with these.


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do you have any pics of how your is setup?? are you supposed to take the plastic piercing piece off???


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You should have a short tube coming out of the connector on the Aquadoser (The screw on white piece in your pic). The piercing end with the large drip section pushes into the small tube. The drip part you have in yours now goes into whatever you are dripping into.


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Yup, It's backwards..... It should be a compression fitting..... If you can't figure it out gimme a call and I can probably swing by after work tomorrow.....

How's the PH meter working?


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Jake, here's how it should look