Aquaponic system design


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This year I acquired a tank from Walmart made of type 1 recyclable plastic 2 ft deep 2 ft wide and 4 ft long I acquired another tank 2 ft wide by 4 ft long by 8 in deep I then added a 40 gallon under tank filter placed it inside the larger tank arranging it so that to the uptake was in the back center I led the uptake up through the second tank and use the stainless steel screws to attach it to the top tank so that it was only in the tank by 3 in I then took a gatorade bottle cut a hole in the lid and pushed a 5/8 inch garden by 8 in hose through the hole 3/4 of the way and cut a hole in the smaller tank and cut another hole in the smaller tank one in the corner and one in the back center I pushed another section of 5/8 garden hose through the center hole and attached it to the uptake of the undergravel filter I then took the Gatorade bottle and used a flat rod to melt eight holes into the neck of the bottle I then take the lid and hose and push it flat side down through the hole in the corner leading to the bottom tank I then take the Gatorade bottle and screw it onto the lid after that I add a 60 gallon outside of tank hanging filter to the top tank attaching the intake to the uplift of the undergravel filter I then add 2 in of gravel median to the bottom tank and remove the carbon filters from the 60 gallon outside tank filter after that you add 60 liters of ceramic pebbles to the top tank place water in the tank up to 6 in below the bottom of the top tank use a digital timer for the lights and add seeds in woolite to the top tank about one inch below the surface and add one capful of floranova one part formula hydroponic plant food now and for each water change on a schedule equal to an aquarium wait 1 month add 1/2 lb of fish using method place bowl on scale with fish in water remove fish with net place back in tank weigh water subtract weight of water and bowl from total weight individually then add the weights together I also intend to add a protein skimmer and a 200 w tank heater I have found that this setup provides water so clear that you can shine a laser pointer through it and not see the laser and the water is so healthy that when I bring a fish from the store and put it in the tank it's colors improve three-fold within 10 hours and it becomes more alert
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