Aquascape Help! 220G


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Currently starting my Tonga Branch scape for my 220G Peninsula.

Found some inspiration online between these 2 tanks, not sure what style scape I should go for. Tank will be 95% SPS.

Modular small islands

Pros: easy to take out if needed, more swimming space, looks amazing, easier to get higher flow around the corals, easier to get full coverage lighting without shadows, easy to clean around.

Cons: Less coral mounting space, less hiding spaces not good for shy fish or bullied? Less overall rock for beneficial bacteria.

Large overhang

Pros: coral mounting space, more fish hiding space to keep shy fish happy, more rock for beneficial bacteria

Cons: less easy to keep clean, how to clean under ledge? Probably couldn’t keep any corals under the ledge? Harder get full flow coverage to sps.

Let me know what you all think and any other reasons why I should go one way over the other!


(Pics are of 2 tanks, before and after corals added, not my pics).


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I like them both for the same pro reasons you mention, how’s that for an answer🤣

I guess it comes down to what YOU like and how many different species/colonies you want to keep.

Also, consideration for the number and type of fish you want to keep. Smaller, less mobile and fewer fish - overhang. Larger, more active and larger number of fish - islands/bommies.