Are there deseases of Macro Algae?


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Any idea what could be causing this?


Sorry for the yellow-ish light, but bulb under there is very yellow.

It seems that the top layer of calerpa is rotting away. You can see in the photo that its kind of bubbly and slimy. I've been removing as much of it by hand as possible every day, but it just comes back. The only thing that's changed (macro-wise that is) was the addition of some Grape Calurpa from a fellow reefer's tank. It looked healthy and was growing fine for a while. Then this started. Are there any known deseases of macro algae's that might be causing this? Could it be something else? Should I just take all of this out and plant all new stuff? I'm going to do a 15% water change in the tank (which is a 90 gallon) tomorrow and see if that helps. All other parameters are normal 81Ã"šÃ‚°F; sg 1.025; pH 8.1-8.2; dKH 9 - 10; Ca 420

Everything else in the tank looks normal.. fine. Its just the macro that's looking "under the weather."


my first macro batch did the same thing and i threw it away within 2 weeks. i always thought the reason it did this was because it floated (small clump) and was exposed to the air. just assumed the air killed it.
I was sort of wondering about that, but it was growing fine for over 6 months like this. Just strange that it would all of a sudden just take a down turn like this. Perhaps I'll do what you did and clean it out and get a new batch.