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I have maintained a member of the cataphyllia sp. in my reef for almost 1 year now. It came to me as a healthy 6 inch long specimine. Under my original lighting conditions (200W of Power compacts) the cataphyllia did well for two months. Then I changed lighting to MH, 250W Ushios. Immediately following the change to MH lighting there was significant reduction in polyp expansion. The coral's tissue became totally retracted. The tentacles became short and then disappeared. The coral remained contracted for almost 6 weeks. Then, almost as suddenly as it started, it was over. The coral grew back the tentacles within two weeks. Today, it remains in the same place at the bottom of the tank (16" from the water surface) facing upwards half embedded in fine white sand. It is strongly neon green with purple tips. I never feed it.
I suspect that the coral reacted to a change in the lighting regimine, probably either too much intensity or too much UV radiation from the MH. My guess is that I almost lost the coral as it there appeared to be a race for the coral to adjust to the lights or die! It was close and at one point I was ready to throw in the towel for the coral, but in the end it made it. I guess leaving it right where it was in the substrate facing upwards was the thing to do. I haven't noticed any small crabs. I do have one golden anda coris (gaimard) wrasse in the tank. Maybe they ate it a long time ago!? Hope this helps. Contact me if you need more info.