Coralline growth


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As an indicator to understand my lighting output does coralline require alot of light to grow?
I have it in the least lit area in my aquarium so I guess the light good enough for corals ?
Depends on the coralline algae.

Back in the day it mainly came in on rock.

Rock was collected mainly in deeper water at the base of the reefs where wave action or hurricanes broke off the rock.
Some was collected in shallower water because it was easier.

That said I would say most prefers less light at least the stuff that seems to grow faster.

Today since most do not use live rock it comes in on the bases of wild coral or frag plugs mainly would be my guess..
Agree with David and Sean. The Coralline from my aquacultured rock thrives in the shaded areas but doesn't do so directly under my MH light.