ASM Protein SKimmer Directions?


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Does anybody have a picture or information on how to set up an ASM G1x protein skimmer?

I have it set up in my sump but not sure that I have done it correctly. Any help is appreciated.

Not really sure how to adjust the pipe. I left it at the recommended staring position. Also is the pipe from my overflow supposed to connect to that adjustable pipe or should it just go into the sump?
Pull the pipe up the water raises, Push the pipe down the water drops. I usually leave them at their factory setting for a couple of weeks to get them broke in and fine tune from t here.

There's really not much to instruct about.

Just set it in the sump somewhere. Your overflow doesnt need to drop into it. I usually keep mine near the overflow. Dunno why particularly.

So..... you are doing fine.