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Dr Shimek-
I saw one of your articles entitled "We Owe a Lot to Brainless Dominance." In it you mention that some species of Asterina could eat soft or hard corals.
I believe I have an Asterina starfish in my tank. It is really small (maybe 1" total?) and is tan in color with brown spots. I am finding relatively little info on it. Could you help me out?
Thank you for your time!
Greg Linton
Hi Greg,


Do a search in my "Ask Dr. Ron" forum (go to the forum, and the search link is at the top of the page). Do a search on Asterina, and you should get hits on a lot of threads discussing these small stars. As you scan them you should find plenty of detail about what you want to know. If you don't, post a question in my forum, and I will discuss it further.