attention goby pistol shrimp owners plz help.


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Guys my lfs has two sets of goby pistol shirimp paired up. Any steps I need to take in order to get them to stay paired up and find each other in my tank? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Nothing at can buy a goby and later buy the pistol shrimp for that goby (read up on pairing! Tiger Pistols pair up with Yellow Watchman Gobies...and other pistols pair up with other gobies) and they'll find each other in the tank like they've known each other for years.

They share a symbiotic relationship...

Just search on here for a few minutes and you'll read everything you need to.


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I have a hi fin goby and candy cane pistol shrimp. I added them a week apart, with the goby being first. I made a little cave with my finger under a rock and he lived there for the week. I then added the shrimp and put him directly over the same cave opening and he went right in. They moved homes and went under my larger rocks but have been together ever since. When my goby comes out, he stays right near the cave opening and I only see the shrimp occasionally.


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Unless your tank is gigantic, they will find each other. It doesn't hurt to help by introducing them in the same area.