August Meeting

tank o tang

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Sorry for the short notice. Meeting will be August 16th. Hope that works (I think everyone said middle of the month works best). I will post location soon as I'm still trying to work it out.

Wheel of Time

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Shoot Im out of town with the family that weekend.
Was hoping to kicking off a big round of the Coral Share program with a frag swap. Oh well.

Maybe the meeting will get rained out till the next weekend and i can attend?? hehehe


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In one of Scolley's other threads, he mentioned that I should come on out to the meeting since I'm just getting started and looking for advice. So...will definitely try to make it to the meeting seeing it's in my backyard. Looking fw to it.

Wheel of Time

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sorry Ill miss you at the Aug meet, but will look forward in catching up in Sept. Hope you still come...good group of guys.


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Seth - Sorry to miss you. Summer's always busy... for those people that actually get to TAKE vacations. ;) Hope you enjoy yourself.

rjinct - I look forward to meeting you then.

Wheel of Time

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Wouldnt it just figure -- I go and take my first vacation in ages -- and down I come with Shingles -- adult chickenpox. OMG is it painful!!!

I had chickenpox as a kid and it was nothing. This is is borderline incapacitating with all of my nerve receptors firing at once all over the left side of my head. So much for that trip we were goign to take I guess. We'll see. And just my luck Im having compicattions from the meds -- my hearing has gone crazy in my left ear...

perfect! UGGH