Auto Doser Dosing Questions...


The Reef Producer
I just got the Aqua Medic Reef doser. I take vacations too often to not have a way to supplement 2 part while im gone.

I do however have a couple questions.

I am using the TWIN model to dose 2 part automatically.

Before the doser, i was hurrying home from my girlfriends house early in the morning to dose 15ml each part of the 2 part before the lights come on, to avoid raising the PH too high...

I have the auto doser set to dose each part for 5 seconds once every 4 hours. This amounts to 2.5 ml each part every 4 hours. My dose in the past has been 15ml so it is the same per 24 hour period.

Is it ok to dose 2.5ml every four hours?? Or will this push the PH up to high??? My PH is usually about 8.2 no matter when I seem to measure it...


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If you were not having pH problems dosing 15 ml at a time, I doubt you'll see problems with your new plan.

Usually smaller, more often is a good thing. I'd be surprised if you saw any pH change at all. :)