automatic fish feeders?

Juice It

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Lately I have had to spend quite a bit of time out of town and cannot continue to burden people to feed my fish like they thankfully have been doing. Does anyone use good auto feeders they recomend? Also, since I assume auto feeders cannot dispense frozen food is it ok to feed something like spectrum dry for the few days at a time I am away? My fish seem to like this food as well. Thanks for any info you guys may have on this.
I'm not a big fan...unless they have changed a lot in the last 2 or 3 years they usually created more problems than helped
The only experience I have is with the Eheim "dual" feeder. It was costly, ($90) but so far it hasn't failed to work. I have a variety of freeze-dried foods, pellets and flakes, and it works great. I have the output above a maxi-jet so the food gets dispersed pretty good as well.

I use two NutraMatic 2x on my freshwater tanks at school during the summer and have for the past few years. They suits my needs quite well.
The feeding station is a great idea. Thanks for the info. I bought an auto feeder today and will try it out for a bit before I head out of town again.