back up power help


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Hi, I just bought a true sine wave inverter. I was wondering if I could just plug it to a battery and leave a trickle charger on the battery. Obvioulsy while running a pump or two off of it.

Or would it be better to use a relay so that when power fails the inverter kicks in.

Here is another Link There is also a thread here on RC showing several. I built one awhile back..Mine is setup just like a UPS.. Power goes out it switches over..Power comes back on it switches back to normal power and a trickle charger starts charging the battery.. To me this is the only reason to have one.. If you have to be there to hook everything up it kind of kills the point.. I have a Generator I use for when I"m home.. You need a Trickle charger to charge a deep cycle battery anyway. You have the inverter, so really the only thing you would have to buy would be a 5 dollar relay.. Why not?