Ballast Question


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I have a question on Electronic Ballast wiring..

I picked up a used corallife PC 2x65 one of the bulbs doesnt lite, there really isnt alot of parts with these so really can be only a couple things

Tested the bulb in the other socket and it lights no problem so the blub is not the problem.

I took it apart to check the connections and found that the wiring is going to different sides of the ballast.

power cord (Green, white and Black)goes into the the fixture where the white has 2 wires that goes to the ballasts it is connected to the black of Ballast 1 and to the red of ballast 2.

The Black goes to the black of the switch the only other wire (white) comes from the switch and to the red of ballast one and the black of ballast 2

Is this right?

The green is the ground and screwed to the fixture,