Base Rock?...Live Rock?...Dead Rock?


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Been researching live rock on RC by reading multiple threads(good info!) I also went to my LFS to inquire as well. When I was shown "Base Rock" it was dried, pure white, porus "coral like" rock?!? that right. For some reason I thought base Rock was supposed to be wet and just not as "encrusted" and porus as true LR. I was told if I go with this stuff under my actual LR it will eventually get covered with coraline alge....etc.....make sense?? The LR was $7.99 per pound while the BR was 2.99 per pound. I'm seriously thinking of going on line to buy...maybe even ebay to save some green. From my research there seams to be a few qood quality vendors out there. My only concern is that by purchasing on-line, I will have to deal with what ever is sent to me with regards to shape and size. I have a reletively small (75 gal) see through/wall devider tank and I need to be particular in my selection for aquascaping purposes. Anyone know of a good "hands on" vendor that might be willing to work with me regarding shape n size? Also...can you "break up" LR without any major issues....and are there any recomendations as to how other than going at it with a hammer.


i would go to your LFS and see what they have for cheap base rock use most of that for your landscaping....... and get a few pieces of live rock to seed the base rock.

i'm not possitive about breaking up LR as i've never done that before.

If you want base rock, I would HIGHLY recommend They will actually send you a pic of what they intend to send you for your approval. It is hands down without a doubt the highest quality base rock on the PLANET. :D

$2.99 for dry base rock from your LFS is too much. And yes, the dry base rock will be covered with coraline in NO time. I've put two orders of it in my 180. It was fully live within three months.
I highly recommend Cpt. Jer at as well. He'll definitely send you pics for approval. He'll also rearrange and get new pieces according to your preferences before he ships it to you. I got mine a few weeks back to add to my new 180g as well w/ my old LR and I'm starting to see some coralline take hold already. A few months and I won't be able to see the difference. They're also top shelf shaped pieces. You can take a look in my gallery for an idea. You can also request specific pieces (I requested gigantic boulders :D).