been finding cuts in my zoo's


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been finding cuts in my zoo's. What could be causing this? I had some blue halo's that were doing great and now it seems like a couple of them have small cuts just below the head of them. I dont want to lose any more zoo' what is it a crab or something?


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do you have a rouge decorator crab? i had one that took out about a colony before I finally caught him.


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i get up really early long before the lights come on. I've never seen anything unusual even with a red light. thats what boggles my mind.


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Check at 3 am.
Creatures know when the lights are about to turn on (sunrise) and will be hiding LONG before then.

You need a late night session to really see what's going on in the tank. Recently I had a frag that kept getting knocked over and a 2:30 session revealed I had a baby urchin playing earth mover at night. NEVER see him in the day just LATE at night.



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I would check for nudis.

Go to the zoanthid forum here and theres alot of info about zoa eating nudis.



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if you have cuts in your zoo's dont handle em with cuts in your hands, just a warning many are highly toxic!