Best PAR T5 bulb?


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Any suggestions for the best pair of T5 bulbs for a frag/grow-out tank? It is a 20 gallon and I will have (2) 24" overdriven and have individual reflectors.


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Thanks to GRIM:

Tek fixture and 54 Watt bulbs.

Special 15K 320
DUO 15K 334
22000K Blue 304

Sun Pro 285
Ocean Pro 323
Blue Pro 266

Sun Pro 357 (no longer available)
Aquablue 336
Blue Plus 311
Actinic 137
Pro Color 215

Current Sun Paq
Daylight 10K 272
Blue 252

Midday 325
Aquablue 324
Actinic Plus 264
Pure Actinic 157

General Electric
GE Daylight 340
GE3000 319

Daylight 309
Super Blue 225

Coral Light (10k) 342
Fiji Purple 330

Aqua sun 345
Actinic White 293
Super Actinic 210
75/25 254


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The problem with readings that are done using an Apogee Quantum meter is that for any of the "blue" bulbs they will read anywhere from 10% to 15% low (or even more) as the response curve for the Apogee is low in the blue part of the spectrum. If you use a Li-cor meter (much more expensive) you can get a little move true reading. I spoke to Dr. Sanjay Joshi about this during a conference, and he confirmed this with some of his own readings made using a Li-cor meter.

So take this into account and add back say even 10% on the ATI Blue+, and all of a sudden the 311 is now 342, which is right up there very close to any other tube. If you add 15%, your now at 357, which is the same as the Sun Pro and higher than the Aqua Sun. So in the end, you can get the same PAR levels using quality blue tubes as the white.