Best way to transfer Peacock Mantis


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Come Monday I will be the proud owner of a 6" Peacock Mantis that a fellow reefer in my area is selling. I am purchasing the Peacock along with the tank and all the live rock and sand. What will be the best way to make this move less stressful for the Peacock? The seller is roughly an hour from my place and I would like to only make the trip once and get it over with. Do I leave some water in the tank (29 gallon cube) and leave the Peacock in there or......?


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When I moved my 40 breeder and the inhabitants, peacock included, what I did was take out all the rock and put it into a brute with most of the water. I left about 5 gallons of water in there, as well as the sand so my snails and hermits would survive. I then put my peacock, maroon, chalk bass, and NPS corals in a five gallon bucket betwixt my legs while my brother drove. Huge pain but nothing died.


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Bucket sounds good. With a lid of course. Put some sea weed in there or some kind of plant so it has something to grab onto.