Bi-color blenny nipping


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I used to think it was my flame angel nipping at me deresa but last night I saw my bi-color blenny bugging one of my croceas. I was thinking maybe because the mantle has some brown in it? The deresa is doing fine & it seems that nobody is messing with it anymore. But now my crocea is the new target. I'm having trouble deciding which to remove. But I like them both. A better solution would be to stop the blenny. Any ideas?
I've got a suggestion----get rid of your blenny. I had one years ago that occasionally picked on clams---when I didn't feed often enough. However, I've been hearing from several people lately both here and my locale. Seems theirs are also nipping sps corals---mr294. Mine jumped out a few years ago, and wasn't replaced. Just my opinion.

happy fishcatching.
I guess you guys are right. After my LM blenny died 8 months ago, he was replaced with this guy. I guess he has to go back to the LFS to trade for a more peaceful LM blenny. Too bad I really like this guy. :(
Too bad his attitude stinks.
my buddy used to have a bicolor blenny that harrassed a clam to DEATH. it would nip at it ALL the time.


Your not alone! I had the devil fish in my display tank awhile ago but it was soon exiled to my 29g and his next stop will be to another home! This demon harassed other fish, pulled up my frags, nipped on my clams and cukes and killed a larger lawnmower blenny! Need I say more!:mad2: It's the only fish that can coexists with my very aggressive aussie dotty. When I can get around to upgrading the 29g, both fish will go!

My Bi-Color Blenny is on his way back to the store today. He wouldn't leave my 2 Crocea's alone.

thats to bad for the blenny. i have a lm that only sits on the side of the clam every now and then. never caught him nipping at the mantle. just cleaning the sides of the clam. i will post pic of him in the act a little later.
The only folks that think Bi-color Blennies aren't coral and clam nippers are the ones that haven't seen the fish in the act yet.:p
Keep the Blenny and send me the clam! Lawnmowers are another story altogether. They are cool.
I also had a Bi-Polar (color) Blenny who was addicted to SPS.

He is no longer with us. Some other unfortuneate sap has him.

onegreenray said:
my blenny hanging out
That's a LM blenny. Totally different temperment than the 2 toned devil that resides in my tank.

Gary - I think if this continues I'm going to do what others have done & return him to my LFS (or give him to the FrogFish for dinner).
Here is a picture of the Crocea he was nipping. It's open more often after moving it out of his "territory" so he either stopped completely or does it infrequently when I'm not home. But the webcam is pointed at the clam so maybe I'll catch him one day while I'm at work!
What frogfish! I only see live rock!

Steve - You should of told me you had a frogfish when I was at your place. I would've liked to have seen it in person!

Btw, my evil bicolor blenny is no longer with me. Had a power outtage and my powerstrip tripped which means no ciculation for 24hrs equals dead blenny. I guess on the bright side, no on else will have to deal with the trouble had I given it away. I was just able to save my Australian Dotty from my 29g setup. I think I will be selling him at the upcoming frag swap and make the 29g freshwater for my daughter.

Roland maybe, the next time you are in the area & have some time (weekends are good) you could see him (& the hydnophora, & pocillopora you gave me).
I'm surprized your bi-color died so easily. Mine has taken a trip to the sump twice since I've had him. Now that I think about it....why do I keep returning him to the display tank? :confused:
Anyone have any problems with LM Blenny's and clam's. I just got my first clam and wanted to add a blenny to eat hair algae. Are their any other more colorful blenny's that eat hair algae but not clams or corals??
My bi-color does not eat coral or clams. I think he's just territorial and/or confused. I guess the thread title is a little confusing because he really doesn't nip to eat the clam...he just does the blenny scraping thing on the mantle.
I have a flame angel he is a nipper - you should see my xenia now it's just stems!
I've had a LM blenny before & they are no problem. Of course they are as colorful as a bi-color but they make up for it in personality. ;)