bimac with...?


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Im thinking of an urchin, a tiger tail cuke and a brittle star in a 35g hex with the little guy. Yes? No?

This tank will have a magnum canaster (carbon) and a remora hang on skimmer plus ~ 35 lbs of LR. substrate is ~1 1/2" of southdown and some slightly larger particle sized sand on top.

Thanks for any help!!!

Oh one more thing what temp do you guys keep your bimacs at the info on from Chris is a 20degree range..60-79
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Hello, My tank is at 78 degrees. My Bimac has been doing well now for the past 3 months with 2 Sea stars.
One large Hawaiian and the other is a chocolate chip/ African. In my opinion the stars are some what of a clean up crew.

When the stars pass over the octos lair; the octo will usually pick the star off the rock and give it a good body slam,
Kinda funny actually.
Sounds like a good set up. The only thing I see is you octo may get a little cramped on floor space when it gets big. Octopuses do better in a tank that has a lot of bottom area. So length and width is more important than height. Its not really any fun for a octopus when it can reach out in all directions with its arms and touch a wall in every direction. I did see a bimac kept in a hex tank at the santa cruz research center when I was there. I am not sure of the size maybe 45 gallon?
It might be ok in the 35 but its so cool to watch your beast crawl over the botton looking into rocks for food. Plus the larger bottom area gives them room to swil back and forth.