Blenny haters?


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Any ideas what fish hate on Blennys? I can't seem to keep one at all in my 210 gallon. Have have lots of Tangs and Wrasses as well as clowns and other random fish.
The past two tanks ive had, ive kept a kole tang with a bicolor blenny. Both sets resulted in the kole chasing away the blenny every time it saw it. Same food source..
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normally all fish from the west side hate blennys. thats just how it goes tho

Sounds like Tupac and Biggie
Huh, could be. My blenny in my 270 at work is very healthy, but the Sohal really does hate the blenny and chases him anytime he sees him.
If there is not plenty of food, your tangs will definatly take it out as they are competing for the same food.
i have three tangs in my tank and only one chases the blenny. the purple and yellow belly blue tang does not. tomini(spelling) does
Seems tangs in the kole groups (incl orange line and a few others) just want to DESTROY lawnmower type blennies, seen it in my own tanks and in a few friends tanks. Hasn't been a prob with zebrasomas tangs tho.

I've got a bundoon blenny (fangblenny/open water type) at the moment and my red stripe anthias picks on him. They've got the same tail type, so maybe they compete in the wild or something.
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i have three tangs in my tank and only one chases the blenny. the purple and yellow belly blue tang does not. tomini(spelling) does

tomini tangs are bullies. im glad mine died awhile back. damn thing bullied EVERYTHING i put in the tank. we actually my octopus took em out :D
I've never had any issues with tangs vs blennies however ice had issues with my wrasse vs Blenny. Although I curently have an eightline wrasse a purple tang and lawnmower Blenny with no problems
Yeah interesting, my PBT use to chase my starry blenny...didn't know others were having the same problem. No blenny in the next tank...
Makes sense that tangs hate blennies. Ive had a lawnmower for a good year and a half, he wasnt very old, only 3-4" even. A week after I got my yellow tang, my lawnmower was dead. I never knew why, but that makes sense now lol.
I love my Bi Color Blenny.His Name is Blenny.He only shares my tank with a firefish named Surfer dude.I hope he has a long life.I cant tell he loves my tank cause he is everywhere.No tangs for me.Thanks for the heads up.
Dont Hate.I love my fish.But due to the thread from last week about naming fish I wont name anymore.Your name is over rated.I cant name my fish but you human with a fish name??????