Bogus story????


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An aquarium store owner once told me he had a full grown mantis shrimp in his tank, 20gal i think ( he was going to sell it ). One day he came in and noticed the tank was smashed and the mantis was on the floor. He said it took a small chunk of rock or a shell or something and smashed the glass with it. Is this possible?
no, it is not possible for a mantis to pick up a rock and smash a tank with it. the store owner obviously hates these animals and it a butt munch.
Smash it with a rock no. Snash it with its arms, definately possible. It would have to be a pretty good size Smashing Mantis to do it though.
i think its definitely possible, had it been a full grown peacock. the rock part is unrealistic but i think a good 6+ incher could have busted the tank if it was determined.