Brown Slime Algae


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My tank has been getting these spots where a slimy, stringy brown algae is growing. It is full of bubbles. It comes off quite easily with a tukey baster but it is very annoying, my tank is about 15 months old with several LPS, softies and some NPS.
I feed a combination of mysis,cyclopeeze/selcon twice a week. I feed my 4 fish (2 clowns, one yellow tang, one blue damsel twice a day. For circulation I have 2 SEIO 530's. My tank already went through the red slime algae stage. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this ? Thanks


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Could be diatoms or dino's.
If it's dino's keeping PH high will help get rid of them.
Look up ways to defeat dino's in a SW tank.