Bubbling acro?


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I wasn't planning on posting about this now because I don't have a picture, but I really figured I'd be able to find something by searching.


There's an old picture for now. Up close to the top, there's a big bubble. At first I thought it was just growing out, but I poked it and it's like a balloon. The rest of the coral looks fine. I'm not even close to my tank, so I can't give any parameters right now either. I just thought someone might know offhand what it is.



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While I cant see what you are talking about in your pic, this topic has been posted many times before, I have even posted it myself. I never have gotten a conclusive answer.

I also have never lost any coral or even any part of a coral that has done it.


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My miami orchid has done this twice; it never seems to bother the coral. After a while tips grew out and that was the end of the 'blob'. :)


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When I got home last night, the bubble was gone. It's just growing a new branch right there. I'd still like to know why it does it, but as long as it's not a problem, I'm good. Thanks for the help!