Button Polyps over-running my Maxima?!!?


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Sorry... transmission error...

Anyhow, I've had my maxima for close to a year now and thought I had given it ample space away from anything that would irritate it. One year later and my button polyps are creeping up on it. They are starting to grow on the shell and near the mantle. Should I be worried? It doesn't seem to bother it so far. From what I've read, clams don't get irritated by corals that much? Is this true? Should I remove some of the polyps and move the clam? I would hate to since the max. loves the spot it's in right now. Any comments or suggestions would be much appreciated.




They wont grow over the clam. The clam mantel will cover them even when they grow on the shell. I have a few clams that have polyps all the way around them. They havnt killed them yet. And clams move when they are unhappy, I have found. When you see the clam not looking well then cut off the zoos, but I bet youll never have to do that. I never have. If you see a polyp you dont like. Poke it with a copper wire. And its a goner. Greg