calcium addition


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I have a 300 gal total water heavily stocked reef. I'm having trouble keeping calcium levels above 300mg/l.
I'm dosing kalk for evaporation and I have a Korrolin 1502 calcium reactor. I evaporate about 2 gal per day.
I think my calcium reactor is too small.
What is the best way to dose calcium, without having to do it daily?
Does anyone have a suggestion for a better calcium reactor?


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You ahve a couple of choices here:

1. Get a much bigger Ca reactor to replace your current one.
2. Get another similar reactor to pick up the extra demands now that your current one is maxed out.
3. Try evaporating more water to add more kalk. 2 gpd seems ont he very low side for a 300g system.
4. Mix up 5g of the home made 2 part solution Randy came up with and use a dosing pump to add it for you throughout the day.

Money and your preference is the only limiting factor here. Personally, I would just get a much bigger reactor and replace your current one.


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This is what I thought . The calcium reactor is left over from the 180 gal system I had before. I was hoping it would do the job.
Thanks for the reply.