Can anyone ID this mantis?


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I got a mantis shrimp and I wondered what is was

Can anyone help?

It has a white meral spot and has red spots at the front and back of the spot.

I tried to add a pic but it failed


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TRY HARDER! you haven't failed until you give up...;)
it's really hard to id without pictures.
I love mantis shrimp(usually...), they are so pretty!


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make sure it's a jpg or other compatible file, then just drag it in from you file.
you could also save it somewhere else online and then make a link to it.
good luck!


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no, go to the paperclip/attatchments popup. Your picture may have been too large(see image details).
Could your mantis be g. viralis(sorry if I spelled that wrong!)
I just read a few different threads about mantis with white merel spot and red spots and they were all answered as that type, so check that out.


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Oh, I dunno. some other forums I found in a google search...all matched descriptions, but no pictures either.:(
did you look at virilis? does that sound right at all?
I wish I knew more about mantis shrimp!