can I add another blenny?


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I have a lawnmower blenny and was thinking about adding another type of blenny. Will a LMB accept perhaps a bicolor or a midas blenny? Or is it a bad idea to try this? This would be in my 125, fwiw.
Personally I wouldn't add another blenny. At least my lawnmower blenny is really aggressive. He killed an orange spotted goby.
I know someone else who had a lmb and it killed a Midas blenny.
Ok, no blenny additions, I don't want to chance it. Another recommendation for a small fish with a sweet personality?
My Lawnmower Blenny and Citreon Clown goby both share a hole in the live rock, at any given time you can walk to my tank and see both of their heads poking out. its kinda cool