can I ask how you do it


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You are not only a great a Aquaria store, but the best online store I have ever interacted with. I just ordered some stuff on Wed and received it on thrus. I did not ask for next day and did not pay for next day air shipping. But not supprising in dealing from you in the past I received the orders on Thurs. Best customer service, Best price, and Best selection/ You have got it made. I can only hope you are making a profit do you are around for some time.

Thanks, glad your order arrived fast. We try and ship everything out the same day that it's ordered. The harder we work the happier our customers will be (usually) so that's the goal. Sometimes i put too many hours in, but working on that. Mail order is not a real profitable business, but pays the bills. My original goal was to support myself, now I can do that and employ several employees, which brings it's own problems, but nice feeling being able to offer employment to other people, especially when they are hobbyist, which all of our employees are except one. Many of our saturday employees work saturdays just to hang out and to get there fish discount!

Well, thanks again, glad you were happy with the speed and service.