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I presently have a 75 gallon lit by 4 110watt VHO. Ice-Cap 660 ballast (2blue/2sun). Is this enough lighting for Clams? What kinds, if any, can I have? Also, where to place with this set-up? Thanks for any help!
I would stick with Squamosa and/or Derasa clams. They are lower light loving clams and will do fine under PC/VHO lighting.

Maxima & Crocea clams are found higher up in natural reefs so they require stronger lighting such as MH's or very strong VHO's. I've seen a lot of tanks that keep healthy Maximas under VHO's but the Maximas are higher up on the rockwork and closer to the surface.

I have a Squamosa clam on the sandbed in my 75 gallon reef tank with 4-95 watt VHO bulbs, 2 - Super Actinics and 2 - Aquasuns. I also have an Actinic NO bulb that I currently don't use. The clam has been thriving and has almost doubled in size.

Clams that are below 3 inches will require regular feedings oh phytoplankton since they don't rely on light much. This is why you see a lot of Maximas in nano tanks with PC lighting. However, once they reach 4"+ they will start relying on light more so then phytoplankton.

Maybe one of the Clam Aquarists in this forum can help out a bit more. Try doing a search for "Clams under VHO's" or something similar, I know this has been discussed many times.

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Thanks for the reply. You seem to always replay to my posts. I guess I wanted to know if placed accordingly, could you keep a maxima in the top 1/3 of the tank under those lighting condition. I would love to hear from someone who does this successfully. My wife loves the blue color of the Maximas and would have no problem spending the money if she gets one.
What kind of clam is in the picture that accompanies your posts? The purple color is awsome.

Also, where do most of the clam lovers get their clams from
No problem!

I'm sure you can. You may not have the best growth but it will be fine. Check out and look at their gallery. I believe they keep a VHO lit system with SPS, Softies, LPS, and Clams.

Hopefully you can get more responses from people who have done this.

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